Platinum High-Performance OEM

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology is an advanced battery design used in Maintenance Free Batteries that eliminates water loss. Once it's filled with acid the battery is permanently sealed - so you'll never need to fill it with water or check the acid level.

Long Life

Because of its lead calcium design, the AGM battery will hold its specific gravity more than three times longer than conventional lead antimony types. This means much longer periods between charges when the battery is used in a standby mode, like winter storage.

And to remain factory-fresh the AGM battery is shipped dry along with its own pack of high-gravity acid that's added at the time of installation.

Sealed, Non-spillable

Once filled with acid from its special packs, the AGM battery is virtually maintenance free. It's totally sealed and all of the acid is absorbed in the special plates and separators, so there is no need to worry about acid leaks on valuable vehicle parts and accessories.

Meets or Exceeds Powersports
Original Equipment Specifications
Maintenance Free Batteries

  • Largest Selection of Dry Charge and Factory Activated Product
  • Premium AGM Technology (Absorbed Glass Mat)
  • True High-Performance Battery
  • Types the OE’s use…not some cheap imitation!
  • Provides the fastest starts!
  • True maintenance-free produc
  • No mess. No need to add water.
  • See our application book for details.