About Batteries

There are several things you should know before replacing your Powersport or Industrial Battery.

Know exactly what you need before making your trip to buy a replacement battery.

Always make sure you have the right battery before you charge and install it. Unless you can clearly see the part number, and you’re certain that your current battery is definitely the original equipment, spend a few minutes with our online search. Selecting the proper battery will help you avoid the extra expense and wasted time of buying another battery.

Replace the sensor at the same time you change the battery…if the battery for your vehicle is sensor-equipped.

You can save time and eventual frustration by doing the job right the first time because your sensor will ultimately need to be replaced, and you know it will be at the most inopportune time.

Never swap a Maintenance Free battery for another battery unless the Applications book says it's OK.

Your Powersport vehicle is design for optimal performance with the specified parts. Don’t risk performance failures and costly repairs with parts that are not designed to do the job.

Always choose the battery that will give you the best performance when given the option of several different batteries for your vehicle.

Have you ever wondered why some vehicles don’t perform as well as others? It’s your call!

To get more information on a type of battery, choose from the battery types listed below: